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U-BLOX stops maintenance of JOBO photoGPS Server
Gummersbach,  December 7, 2015

In 2008 JOBO introduced the innovative photoGPS into the European market. The JOBO photoGPS allowed geo-tagging of photos with any digital camera that is equipped with a hot shoe.

At the start PHILIPS was the technology partner of JOBO. Already during the market introduction of the JOBO photoGPS the technology division from PHILIPS was spun out into a new company called NXP. Within the following 2 years this company was bought over by the Swiss company U-BLOX, which is specialised in GPS technology. The last photoGPS devices were sold in 2009 by JOBO AG. In spite of the changing contract partners JOBO was able to uphold the maintenance of the GPS-Service until today.

For the end of 2015 U-BLOX has finally and unilaterally cancelled the support for the server maintenance that is required to calculate the GPS data for the JOBO photoGPS. This means that the main utility of the JOBO photoGPS device will terminate at the beginning of 2016. As much as JOBO regrets this decision of U-BLOX, it has been unable to negotiate any other solution.  JOBO hopes that the many happy customers enjoyed the 7 years of service and will quickly find new innovative solutions for their geo-tagging needs.


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