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JOBO HD-720P and fullHD-1080P Carcams equally convinces by performance and style. In Addition to the intuitive use of the camera it is possible to create movies in HD-quality (720P) / fullHD-quality (1080P).

Sophisticated features of JOBO Carcams are loop recording, auto start, motion detector, G-sensor, 180° flip function and many menu settings. 



Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Smartphone Remote with acrylic stand. For Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 and Android OS4.3/OS4.4. Easy reach up to 20m. JOBO Smart SHUTTER is simple to pair and easy to carry.



Make professional videos with our new JOBO GAZER GYRO pod series. Award-winning Gimbal technology - CEATEC JAPAN 2013 Digital Imaging Innovation Award.



Action Camera

The JOBO JIB4 Action Camera is your companion when it comes to quick and sporty activities. In addition to the intuitive use of the camera it is possible to create movies in full HD-quality (1080i/60fps) and pictures with up to 8 megapixels.



Digital photo displays

Our wide range of digital photo displays allows a large selection. Various models with different functions are available: From 7 inch frames via digital displays with in-built weather station to 19 inch frames.

Further accessories for digital photography

Whether it concerns the transfer of pictures by our card readers or the scanning of your slide collection with the SnapScan – JOBO accessories are always reliable supporters.

Analogue Photography

JOBO has become famous with its accessories for analogue photography – especially for the darkroom. JOBO drums and processing machines are leading in this field. Even in the ages of digital photography we offer accessories for the darkroom. 


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