Keep your memories alive!

JOBO Photo Displays let you securely store your special photographic moments and easily share them with friends and family!

The JOBO Photo Displays with their attractive acrylic frame design, bring your photos to life in your home, at the office, or anywhere. Just insert any digital camera’s memory card into the frame to transfer the images and instantly view them on the brilliant color display. Or opt to download photos directly from a computer to the Photo Display by using the included USB cable.

High Resolution Display: Select the display size that best fits your needs from 7" to 15". All JOBO Photo Displays offer a bright high-contrast TFT-Color-LCD for a sharp and vivid display of your photos.

Internal Memory: The JOBO Photo Displays offer memory space up to 1 GB enabling you to safely copy and store all your digital memories. No more having to decide which photos to delete because there’s plenty of room for all your pictures.* And when your images are copied into the internal memory, you can simply remove your card. Your images are saved and the JOBO Photo Display ensures that your memories last forever!

User-friendly Features and Options: The JOBO Photo Displays have built-in card slots allowing you to quickly and easily insert your memory card. Choose to display your photos on the screen in full screen view, collages, thumbnail, or even a slideshow mode. Personalize and edit your photo display with easy-to-use functions including copy, delete, and rotate. You can even activate special image effects such as zoom, clock and calendar display.*

USB-OTG: Select JOBO Photo Display models feature OTG functionality. These Photo Displays can be easily connected to other USB devices such as JOBO mobile hard drives, allowing the convenient transfer of pictures from the external USB device to the Photo Display frame. The USB connection cable is included as a standard accessory.

*Features may vary according to the specific JOBO Photo Display model.